At TapIn, we're mad about travel and discovering new things. We've experienced and loved dozens of places all over the world yet, the only way to share them is to write boring and bland reviews, soulless ratings, meaningless check-ins and apps and websites that seem to be from a bygone era and splattered with ads.

We wanted to build something that brought together those beautiful memories you've created over your life, during your trips and near home. Memories you want to remember. Memories That youd like to revisit. Memories that you'd love to share with other people and help them create their own. We're just a couple of guys based out of Redondo Beach, California that want to make how you share travel simple and beautiful.

The Team

Amit Wadhawan Sandeep Nanda
Amit is the founder of TapIn. His love of travel has led him to backpack through Europe, South America and some of Asia while extensively traveling through North America. He is a foodie at heart and an admirer of architecture.

At TapIn, he handles product, iOS App Develop- ment and the UI/UX design.
Twitter - @awadhawan1
Email - amit at
Sandeep is the Co-Founder of TapIn. He's happiest when exploring on his motorcycle and trying out new foods and making a checklist for all the different animals he's eaten.

At TapIn, Sandeep is an artist with code and handles the app's archtecture, database, front and backend.
Twitter - @sunny_nanda
Email - sandeep at









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